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Hole chat 🐇

A decentralized chat over Freenet.

See docs


Freenet running

Installing 🚀

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Launch core (cargo run)
  3. Install and launch client (for example rabbit-hole)

About frontend clients 🖌

The purpose of "hole project" is to write independend frontend clients for each platform, because, app cannot be good for one particular platform if it's multiplatform. As a hole-core is just a logic part, which should be multiplatform, frontend shouldn't, And I encourage you to help and write "rabbit-hole for android" or "rabbit-hole-gtk", etc...


  • Basic sending and receiving messages 💌
  • Add RSA or NTRU encryption 🔐
  • Write tests 🧪
  • Make more vebose documentation 📚
  • Create a hole-daemon 🖥