A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

Updated 9 hours ago

Main project site

Updated 15 hours ago

List of tech collectives who host voluntarily tools usable for the general public (or activists)

Updated 19 hours ago

FunkWhale API shell script

Updated 1 day ago

Mirror fade Mastodon group bot which reposts toots

Updated 2 days ago

🌌 A quick look into Fediverse networks -

Updated 1 week ago

i3-compatible Wayland compositor

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

Иммутабельный конфиг NixOS

Updated 2 weeks ago

nixos-infect script fork

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 3 weeks ago

EWWWW bro are those really ur dotfiles i thought u were joking???

Updated 4 weeks ago

Updated 1 month ago

Бот для автоматизации сбора предложений фильмов на FMN и создания голосования

Updated 1 month ago

Official git repo for iodine dns tunnel

Updated 1 month ago