10 Commits (09ba8e92a171bd4db4f30557c4102bda4f6629ca)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Inex Code 09ba8e92a1 Fork chores 6 months ago
  Inex Code c97cb326f8 Add settings for swipe actions 6 months ago
  Inex Code f956476bf3
Settings redesign (#4) 6 months ago
  Sorunome fd6b52bb47 Translated using Weblate (English) 7 months ago
  Christian Pauly bfd3888607 feat: Implement change device name 6 months ago
  Inex Code 1af5ba3314 Make fork possible to be built 7 months ago
  Sorunome cafd639c24
feat: Enhance emote experience 7 months ago
  Christian Pauly e569be7c07 chore: Add privacy informations to app 7 months ago
  Marcel b6d2ddaf7d feat!: Use new localisation setup from flutter 1.22 7 months ago
  Sorunome 74b15dd19c
fix: fix up translations to use keys and fix arb files 7 months ago
  Christian Pauly 165c64ce36 Implement missing account settings 7 months ago
  Christian Pauly b2fa88c19d feat: Implement ignore list 7 months ago
  Christian Pauly 705ced844b feat: Implement sentry 7 months ago
  Sorunome 80114dff80
feat: Send image / video / file dialog 8 months ago
  CuteTadpole b0d2d93115 fix all links 8 months ago
  Sorunome da9eafa3c0
Update SDK 8 months ago
  Serge Tarkovski d3819bb83a
Translated using Weblate (messages (generated)) 9 months ago
  Sorunome 6912e6876c Changes "<name> changed the profile avatar" to "<name> changed their avatar 9 months ago
  Nikita Epifanov 69f724f4b1
Translated using Weblate (messages (generated)) 9 months ago
  Sorunome 4550686829 Add Cross-Signing 10 months ago
  Sorunome 6244f36fbb Currenlty active --> Currently active 10 months ago
  Christian Pauly 37da184f8d Design improvements 11 months ago
  Sorunome f8a0233b74 add basic emote picker 11 months ago
  Christian Pauly aa656fa12e Add polish translation 11 months ago
  Sorunome 3ee1018eb5 Add HTML render 11 months ago
  Christian Pauly 51c060f954 Fix load more 11 months ago
  Christian Pauly 6d294fe576 Fix #53 11 months ago
  Christian Pauly 4ab05b4df9 Refactoring push helper 12 months ago
  Christian Pauly d7e2ff7ae0 Refactoring l10n 12 months ago
  Christian Pauly eb11ad9e5a Clean up 12 months ago
  Christian Pauly fd806ea74c Fix startpage 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly f928b18bb8 Update german translations 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly 38a17c49b9 Fix video calls 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly bfa04e45eb Add wallpaper 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly 2f24792648 Update translations 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly 5c4d9cc12f Add public room discovery 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly 8cf52ca4fa Implement key sharing 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly fff216c46c Add Device Settings page 1 year ago
  Marcel 26ca8ba4ad [Theme] Add initial dark theme 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly fe40eebfbd Update translations 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly bb07a2d389 Invite link text 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly 757b46a6b7 Add chat select mode 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly c6c419f76d Add e2ee settings 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly b3adc20644 Update translations 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly a776ac1513 Add localizations 1 year ago
  Christian Pauly 1f230c0a63 Add localizations system 1 year ago