An experimental fork of FluffyChat.
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An experimental fork of FluffyChat.

Changes from FluffyChat

  • Swipe to reply (or forward/edit)
  • Reworked auth flow
  • Removed Sentry
  • Double check of .well-known
  • Get Jitsi instance from .well-known
  • Redesigned settings


  • Single and group chats
  • Send images and files
  • Voice messages
  • Offline chat history
  • Push Notifications
  • Account settings
  • Display user avatars
  • Themes, chat wallpapers and dark mode
  • Device management
  • Edit chat settings and permissions
  • Kick, ban and unban users
  • Display and edit chat topics
  • Change chat & user avatars
  • Archived chats
  • Discover public chats on the user's homeserver
  • Registration
  • Disable account
  • Change password
  • End-To-End-Encryption

How to build

  1. Install flutter

  2. Clone the repo:

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd FurryChat
  1. Choose your target platform below and enable support for it.

  2. Debug with: flutter run


  • Install CMake from the SDK Manager

  • Install ninja:

sudo apt install ninja-build
  • Outcomment the Google Services plugin at the end of the file android/app/build.gradle:
// apply plugin: ""
  • Build with: flutter build apk

iOS / iPadOS

  • With xcode you can't build a release version without our cert. :-/ Use flutter run --profile to have a working version on your iOS device.


Desktop (Linux, Windows, macOS)

flutter build linux --release
flutter build windows --release
flutter build macos --release

How to add translations for your language

You can use Weblate to translate the app to your language:

  1. Replace the non-translated string in the codebase:
Text("Hello world"),

with a method call:


and add the following import if missing:

import 'package:flutter_gen/gen_l10n/l10n.dart';
  1. Add the string to /lib/l10n/l10n_en.arb:

(The following example need to be sorounded by the usual json {} and after the @@locale key)

Example A:

"helloWorld": "Hello World!",
"@helloWorld": {
  "description": "The conventional newborn programmer greeting"

Example B:

"hello": "Hello {userName}",
"@hello": {
  "description": "A message with a single parameter",
  "placeholders": {
    "userName": {
      "type": “String”,
      “example”: “Bob”
  1. For testing just run a regular build without extras

Special thanks to

  • Fabiyamada is a graphics designer from Brasil and has made the fluffychat logo and the banner. Big thanks for her great designs.

  • Advocatux has made the Spanish translation with great love and care. He always stands by my side and supports my work with great commitment.

  • Thanks to MTRNord and Sorunome for developing.

  • Thanks to Mark for all his support and the chat background.

  • Also thanks to all translators and testers! With your help, fluffychat is now available in more than 12 languages.