i3-compatible Wayland compositor

Updated 29 minutes ago

List of tech collectives who host voluntarily tools usable for the general public (or activists)

Updated 4 hours ago

A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

Updated 23 hours ago

nixos-infect script fork

Updated 1 day ago

Иммутабельный конфиг NixOS

Updated 1 day ago

FunkWhale API shell script

Updated 2 days ago

Python script for crossposting from Instagram to Mastodon or Pixelfed

Updated 3 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

🌌 A quick look into Fediverse networks -

Updated 2 weeks ago

EWWWW bro are those really ur dotfiles i thought u were joking???

Updated 2 weeks ago

Бот для автоматизации сбора предложений фильмов на FMN и создания голосования

Updated 2 weeks ago

New lite matrix<->telegram bridge for personal use, replacement mautrix-telegram

Updated 3 weeks ago

Мост Дыбр в Федивёрс

Updated 4 weeks ago

Fork of compy

Updated 1 month ago