Python script for crossposting from Instagram to Mastodon or Pixelfed
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Guys... Instagram is sh*t. Even bibliogram is being discontinued. If you're able to migrate you proile to any fediverse instance or contact to person, whose instagram you'd like to crosspost and ask him to post to fediverse to, it wil be the best desicion


Simple tool for crossposting posts from instagram to Mastodon/Pixelfed.

Using without docker


Using docker-compose

  1. create docker-compose.yaml with following content You can use default.docker-compose.yaml from repo
version: '3'
      context: .
    image: "horhik/instagram2fedi:latest"
      - YOUR_CONTAINER_NAME=<whatever>
      - I2M_INSTAGRAM_USER=<instgram username>
      - I2M_INSTANCE=<mastodon or pixelfed instance>
      - I2M_TOKEN=<your token here>
      - I2M_CHECK_INTERVAL=3600 #1 hour    
      - I2M_POST_INTERVAL=3600 #1 hour   
      - I2M_USE_MASTODON=4 #max carouse    - is 4, if there's no limit set to -1
      - I2M_FETCH_COUNT=5 # how many instagram posts to fetch per check_interval   -
      - I2M_USER_NAME=admin # Your instagram login name
      - I2M_USER_PASSWORD=admin # Your instagram password

** Note: ** Since somewhen it's seems not possible to fetch any data from instagram anonymously (maybe i'm wrong and there's a solution, I'll be very happy to know about it). Due that you unfortunately have to had an instagram accound and provide login and password to this script

  1. And edit environment variables

  2. Run docker-compose up -d

Using with Dockerfile

Just clone repo, specify variables and run it. You can write all needed variables in ./ and then do source ./

git clone
cd instagram2fedi
nano ./
source ./