Python script for crossposting from Instagram to Mastodon or Pixelfed
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Simple tool for crossposting posts from instagram to Mastodon/Pixelfed.

Using without docker


Using docker-compose

  1. create docker-compose.yaml with following content
version: '3'
      context: .
    image: "horhik/instagram2fedi:latest"
      - YOUR_CONTAINER_NAME=<whatever>
      - I2M_INSTAGRAM_USER=<instgram username>
      - I2M_INSTANCE=<mastodon or pixelfed instance>
      - I2M_TOKEN=<your token here>
      - I2M_CHECK_INTERVAL=3600 #1 hour    
      - I2M_POST_INTERVAL=3600 #1 hour   
      - I2M_USE_MASTODON=4 #max carouse    - is 4, if there's no limit set to -1
      - I2M_FETCH_COUNT=5 # how many instagram posts to fetch per check_interval   -
  1. And edit environment variables

  2. Run docker-compose up -d

Using with Dockerfile

Just clone repo, specify variables and run it. You can write all needed variables in ./ and then do source ./

git clone
cd instagram2fedi
nano ./
source ./