A simple λ Haskell λ script for creating timecodes ⏲ by tracking changes in a remote text file
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A simple Haskell script for creating timecodes by tracking changes in remote text file


  • Nix package manager installed


Clone repository and run nix-build -A pkgs.haskell.packages.ghc8107.timecode-generator inside directory

You'll find binary in ./result/bin/timecode-generator

In nix-shell

run nix-shell and then compile it with cabal inside (cabal build timecode-generator)

how to use

./timecode-generator <URL to fetch> <Timecode filename>

Other info

Correct link to file: It should be a direct link to file itself. Example: for hedgedoc the link isn't a https://hedgedoc.domain/AjCE6BZzTW2IHusdfwhRg it is a https://hedgedoc.domain/AjCE6BZzTW2IHusdfwhRg + /download to get directly to pure markdown file