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SelfPrivacy App

SelfPrivacy — is a platform on your cloud hosting, that allows to deploy your own private services and control them using mobile application.

To use this application, you'll be required to create accounts of different service providers. Please reffer to this manual:

Application will do the following things for you:

  1. Create your personal server
  2. Setup NixOS
  3. Bring all services to the ready-to-use state. Services include:
  • E-mail, ready to use with DeltaChat
  • NextCloud - your personal cloud storage
  • Bitwarden — secure and private password manager
  • Pleroma — your private fediverse space for blogging
  • Jitsi — awesome Zoom alternative
  • Gitea — your own Git server
  • OpenConnect — Personal VPN server

Project is currently in open beta state. Feel free to try it. It would be much appreciated if you would provide us with some feedback.


Supported platforms are Android, Linux, and Windows. We are looking forward to support iOS and macOS builds.

For Linux builds, make sure you have these packages installed:

Arch-based Debian-based
pacman -S ninja xdg-user-dirs gnome-keyring unzip xz-utils zip apt install ninja-build xdg-user-dirs gnome-keyring unzip xz-utils zip

Install Flutter and Android SDK tools, then try your setup:

flutter pub get

# Build .APK for Android
flutter build --flavor production apk
# Build AAB bundle for Google Play
flutter build --flavor production aab
# Build Linux binaries
flutter build linux
# Build Windows binaries
flutter build windows

# Package AppImage
appimage-builder --recipe appimage.yml
# Package Flatpak
flatpak-builder --force-clean --repo=flatpak-repo flatpak-build flatpak.yml
flatpak build-bundle flatpak-repo


Translation status

Translations are stored in assets/translations/*.json and can be edited on