EWWWW bro are those really ur dotfiles i thought u were joking???

Updated 2 minutes ago

FunkWhale API shell script

Updated 10 hours ago

Lua Virtual Reality Engine

Updated 11 hours ago


Updated 17 hours ago

some bloat "forks" in other branches "localhost_custom", "bloat-gts". Changes from upstream https://git.freesoftwareextremist.com/bloat will be manually merged soon as possible.

Updated 1 day ago

Among the many radio stations in Spain, Cope is one of the most recognized and respected

Updated 2 days ago

Иммутабельный конфиг NixOS

Updated 2 days ago

Бот для автоматизации сбора предложений фильмов на FMN и создания голосования

Updated 3 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

Python script for crossposting from Instagram to Mastodon or Pixelfed

Updated 4 days ago

Updated 6 days ago

Mirror fade Mastodon group bot which reposts toots

Updated 1 week ago

Веб-сайт https://fedi.life

Updated 1 week ago

Just for fun. CLI "Client" for Pleroma.

Updated 2 weeks ago

PeetTube API shell script

Updated 2 weeks ago

Мост Дыбр в Федивёрс

Updated 2 weeks ago