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Our homegrown discord bot plugins for disco


Add some of our plugins to your plugins directory. You may use config.json as a reference.

To launch the bot use something like

python3.6 -m disco.cli --config /path/to/config.json

Plugins in this repo

coffee (in russian)

Chooses the drink from Coffee Like menu. Or something from Nescafe. Uses py-rolldice as a randomizer.


Just a wrapper for the py-rolldice library.


Fetches Firebase to show the reference card. Make sure to configure this one. It uses the following structure:

 +-- object_id
 |   +-- color [integer]
 |   +-- description
 |   +-- image [URL]
 |   +-- name
 |   +-- owner
 |   +-- ownerAvatar [URL]
 |   +-- thumbnail


Just converts Youtube links to Youtube music links. All Youtube links in GREAT_TUNES channel will be converted automatically.

Licensed under WTFPL. Inex Code.