Just for fun. CLI "Client" for Pleroma.
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Just for fun. Simple "Client" API script for Pleroma (or maybe also Mastodon) instances.


  • Write longreads in Your default $EDITOR
  • List timelines
  • Switch instance from public list in config.json or manual input. Also recent used instance list.
  • All others futures maybe working 50/50

Note about proxy:
Proxy by default autodetect i2p and onion (not tested) instances address.
If provided main_proxy in config.json is disable i2p and onion instances autodetection.
Also: don't forget change connect_protocol_via_main_proxy if set http proxy or any proxy without support https.

Note about auth:
i2p and onion instances may no support (or disabled) OAuth2.
Workaround: if instance have clearweb address, make auth and copy-paste token in .auth.json, example:

  "your.authorized.instance": "xxx",
  "abc123instance.i2p": "xxx",
  "abc123instance.onion": "xxx"


  • jj
  • curl
  • fzy
  • Any browser (links set by default) - for authorization on instances

Opt. Depends:

  • gpg - for decrypt PGP messages
  • awk - parse PGP standart messages
  • Any media player

Also, thk Tolstoevsky for Pleroma instance (set by default instance)